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Office Cleaning Programs

3-5 Day / Week Office Cleaning Programs

Office cleaning staff at your work site performing the tasks required to achieve desired results.

On site guaranteed for a set amount of time. Always designed to be 30 minutes more than required to do all the tasks to completion.

Adhere to a schedule where some duties will occur more frequently than other duties.

Extra time on site means there are opportunities for the office cleaning staff to provide immediate attention towards. This is a big value to many clients as many times there are daily spills or accidents that require extra capacity from the office cleaners to address.

For more information on how your 5 Day / Week Office Cleaning program may look, download one of our example worksite plans.

Supplemental Janitor

Already got office cleaning staff at your business?

You may be interested to know about our supplemental office cleaning team program!

Our Supplemental Office Cleaning Team Program is designed to provide extra capacity to your office cleaning team for:

  1. Special projects
  2. Extra high seasonal demand
  3. Evening work that otherwise require overtime payments to full time staff
  4. Replacement of vacationing employees
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